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Fine Particle Technology

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Go Green, Go Nanotron TM

Lower your carbon footprint and save money

A unique patented bead mill system for double wet grinding in one process resulting in nano sized particles.

Nanotron provides the ultimate solution to nano size particle milling and reduces power cost, labour costs, down time and maintenance costs.

Nanotron Details

Dual built in heat exchanger ensures below ambient milling temperature and provides chilled second in series pass, with product down as low as 2°C

From Rocks to Nanos

Revolutionary new technology where ultra fine nanometre particle size grinding is a requirement.

Independent chambers hold decreasing bead sizes which ensure the tightest possible particle size distribution curves, often approaching primary crystal sizes in the nanometre bands.

The Nanotron TM is capable of reducing premixes with starting particle sizes approaching 350 microns down to 100 nanometres in a single pass.